The ultimate absolute, the one supreme, the one who can be seen everywhere in all it`s creations.It is such an honor & privilege to be a part of this huge and vast universe.
It surely truly need a purity in heart to understand what is going all around us.It needs a very strong faith and peaceful approach to walk through awareness, towards the divine light clearing the darkness in the body, mind created by illusions , distractions &,ignorance.

We cannot offer what is provided by god to us.If we really want to offer something to the lord that will be the self , love & devotion towards all it`s creations.

Then why not to be the hand of GOD ?

Help its all creations if you are capable by any means possible for you. Then you will actually feel, understand the karma Yoga Philosophy by practically practicing it.Daily life schedules cannot be counted as karma Yoga as they are followed by the result of the act. Seva is perfect example to understand it clearly.Help others God will help you is truth.

By anyways or any means we will not be taking what we think is our in this life with us.
All this Name & Fame dies with us.It has no use for us anymore.
What left will be the true Karmas & the light we shared with this universe.

Be the hand of the GOD to experience the GOD.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti ...
- Yogi Manu

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