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Why Yoga Retreat and Holidays in INDIA ?

Yoga retreat and holidays offer a way for people to feel more relaxed and healthy at the same time. In modern life, the daily routine can often leave us feeling stressed and out of sorts. It is important to learn how to effectively combat high levels of stress. Without doing so, you may be more…
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How to plan your Re -juvenating Yoga vacation, tour or a Retreat ?

If you are quite done and trying to get away from the myriad of problems and pressures that ravage your living then you surely looking for a vacation that involves re-creation and re-juvenation. And what better way than to treat yourself with a yoga vacation / tour or a retreat.   Yoga Tour / vacation…
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Rajasthan is a ground of forts and palaces. Impressive memorial stands arrogantly as alive reminders of the affluent history of this brave land.  Built on towering hilltops, in the center of huge deserts, and on isle in lakes, the forts and palaces of Rajasthan India showcase the architectural heritage of Rajasthan.  You can spot the…
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